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History of the Rotaract Club of St Kitts

Meeting Schedule

The regular weekly meetings are held on Saturdays at the
The Anglican Church Hall at 6:30pm.


  1. GENERAL MEETING(1st SATURDAY OF THE MONTH)- the main feature is a program geared to the professional development of the members. The highlight of this meeting is a guest speaker, a discussion or a presentation of some sort on areas of the community related to Rotaract or societal development. Guests are allowed to attend
  2. BOARD MEETING( 1st WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH)- this type of meeting is geared specifically to the executive members of the club. Guests are not allowed at this meeting.
  3. BUSINESS MEETING(2nd SATURDAY OF THE MONTH) – the business of the club is discussed. The meeting focuses on the minutes of the previous meetings, committee reports and any other special business deemed necessary by the board for discussion. Unless a specific sensitive internal matter is being discussed which requires only members to be present, prospective members are allowed to attend to enhance their understanding of the operations of this club.
  4. GENERAL MEETING(3rd SATURDAY OF THE MONTH)- this meeting is chaired by any one of the committees be it professional/vocational services, club services, community services or international services.
COMMITTEE MEETINGS(4th SATURDAY OF THE MONTH)- this meeting is not compulsory for all members, guest or prospective members to attend. The respective committees are encouraged to use this allotted time to discuss their plans or activity which they wish to undertake.

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